First Meeting tonight

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Rosie, our mascot and greeter at the meeting

20170115_221410Organized by, a group from diverse backgrounds but holding common views, had their first meeting tonight at Jocelyn’s house.  It was a lively event focused on trying to formulate game plans and strategies to counter looming negative actions that are imminent from the new administration in Washington.  It was heartening to hear so many committed and patriotic individuals willing to pledge precious time and resources to support those programs and politicians that have been so important and beneficial to our society as a whole.

Breaking into four groups, we discussed the most important issues facing us going forward and what we would need in the way of resources to address them. Thoughtful strategies from the Indivisible guide, which has been inspiring hundreds of start-up groups across the country, were noted.  Discussions also revolved around getting sympathetic groups involved to work on a multi-pronged approach, perhaps in a shared local office.   There is a lot of work to be done and we’ll need others to step up.  We can do this!