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Now that the marches, which were such a resounding success, are but a memory, we’ll need everyone’s help on a regular basis to keep the resistance movement alive and “Make America Great Again.”  Strange, how that phrase has been perverted,  but it’s remarkably true now in defense of what’s going down in Washington.  They’re moving quickly to dismember many of the governmental agencies that support us as citizens and make us safe. will be one of the groups battling to safeguard our hard-fought advances in civil liberties, and environmental and human health.  Many organizations, especially legal organizations since that’s the language this administration is most conversant in, must be geared up to push back against overreach and the alternative facts employed proudly now by our representatives in the federal government. Please view’s video, below, for a snippet of their plan and get involved any way you can with whatever organizations you feel most passionate about.  In this crisis, it’s our patriotic duty to resist.

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