Bannon’s Blitzkrieg

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blitzThe malevolent forces in the oval office continue their “blitzkrieg” of our country with a flurry of extreme executive orders and congressional actions, hurried confirmation of dubious cabinet members and now sabre-rattling against our neighbor, Mexico, and veiled threats against Iran.  Trying to keep up with it all is confusing, exhausting and debilitating, the aim of a blitzkrieg and apparently a coup in the making.  It’s frightening that the ruling party in Washington is conducting a war on its own citizens.  Trying to make sense of it all, an excellent letter in today’s “Orlando Sentinel” by Aidan Coffey.  The aim of the Leninist in the oval office who is wielding so much power behind Trump is antithetical  to everything our country was founded upon.  It would be wise for us to learn about the enemy among us.  We applaud Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s (D-Fla.) bill to oust Bannon from the National Security Council.

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