Who will be second????

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Before we stflagsart off another gut-wrenching week watching for, wondering and worrying about the next terrifying news bulletin from Washington, here’s a site that should prove humorous for us and perhaps thought-provoking for the twitterer-in-chief.   As we know, his inaugural edict of America first!  caused much discussion.  No wonder so many countries are maneuvering now to see if they can be allowed an opportunity to come in “second”.  We can get a good laugh, but I’ll bet the occupant of the oval office is itching to formally and loudly declare “Loser!” to most of them.  He may make an exception for Russia, but not sure how his pal Putin would like coming in second. Click on a flag in the circle within this link and see each country’s pitch to be second.

One thought on “Who will be second????

    Mary Lidkea said:
    February 7, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Sign me up.


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