Women’s march–next step

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A packed house at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Orlando


The pent-up demand for justice, in so many areas now that we’re in the “45 era,”  was palpable.  The Women’s March Florida group, a non-profit promoting sustainability and human rights, organized the meeting yesterday as the next step in mobilizing concerned citizens for the hard work ahead following the amazing expression of solidarity on display with the many marches throughout the world on January 21st.  The hundreds in attendance broke off into action groups for brainstorming and exchanging information and got back together for a recap and appointment of team leaders.  Keeping the momentum alive and organized will be an ongoing effort, but it was impressive how many intelligent, well-spoken and organized people were in attendance and willing to take leadership roles when asked.  This is a real movement and we will “persist” until all the battlegrounds declared by this “shock and awe” administration are conquered with formal treaties built on a justice system encompassing peace, inclusion, and caring for all.  More info about the group’s manifesto here:  Mission Statement for Women’s Way Forward group

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