Early Christmas for Republican Congress–Hell for everyone else

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Samantha Bee gives us a tutorial on the  Congressional Review Act, God’s gift to the Republicans (and their masters, the Koch brothers) to roll back regulations from Obama’s last six months in office and totally destroy the environment and end protections for all the wild creatures we love and cherish.  What a stunning and relentless bout of evil emanating from Washington.

Samantha’s whole show (2/15/17) was even more fantastic than usual and is a must see for activists wondering whether the mundane work of peaceful resistance will ever pay off.  Veteran activists from the civil rights movement testify that it will, but it is a long and hard process.  The ending of her piece with the beautiful video of wolves was so heartbreaking and tear-inducing when you realize that Congress is putting forth bills to allow the extermination of these and other beautiful creatures from the likes of Donald Trump’s bloodthirsty sons.  The last screen shot showed the bills that are in play in Congress to do that.  Please oppose HR 424, HR 717, H.J. Res. 69.

Another way to let them know we aren’t taking it lying down, a “Resist Trump Rally” in Melbourne, on Saturday the 18th.

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