To hell with the lawyers–

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Trump, as president, has a new weapon in his arsenal to combat those that would oppose him, nuclear weapons.  And it appears that he just made a veiled threat about the use of them if he doesn’t get his way with “making a deal” with Russia.  Or perhaps he was saying Russia will use them on us if they don’t get a “deal?”  To put it mildly, his rambling and incoherent press conference was disturbing to the max.  (Four minute video link is below)  This person appears to be seriously deranged.  He also stated repeatedly he would not say what he would do militarily, with Russia, North Korean, Iran or other parts of the middle east, before he does it.  I just called my representative to ask for immediate action on impeachment proceedings.  I hope you do the same thing before Pres/Bannon causes Armageddon.

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