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townhallPer the website, so far there aren’t many town hall meetings scheduled to meet with our Members of Congress (MoC).  In the central Florida area, there is one with Rep. Stephanie Murphy, Dist. 7, Orlando; Rep. Dennis Ross, Dist. 15, Lakeland; and Rep. Ron DeSantis, Dist. 6, Deltona.  Sens. Nelson and Rubio have not scheduled any as of yet.  That is unacceptable.  Given the scope of legislative changes coming from Washington, many of them regressive and harmful to advances we’ve made over many years, we need to be able to speak to our MoC to tell them what’s important to us and what we need them to support or oppose when they get back to Washington.  They may feel they know their lobbyists better than us as they’re surrounded by them day in and day out in the Capitol, but they work for us, not them.  When will we get to speak to them?  Why don’t we ask?

Call Sen. Rubio’s local office:  407-254-2573

Sen. Nelson’s local office: 407-872-7161

If you don’t get satisfaction from your call, there are always endless streams of various petitions to sign to beg them to do their job.  Here’s another one asking them to hold a local town hall meeting:

2 thoughts on “Town hall meetings

    Mary Lidkea said:
    February 22, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    I called Senator Rubio’s office and after a long time they answered. I asked when he had a town hall schedueled and the woman said he did not have one schedueld, I said”He is going to be back in Washington next week isn’t he?” and she said “Yes” I said “Then he needs to schedule one this week” and she said “I will let him know of your comment”. I said “:Thank you”. I suggest that he needs more phone calls, especially from people with better spelling than me.


      centerforpositivepolitics responded:
      February 23, 2017 at 9:00 am

      We called yesterday and were told by a woman answering the phone that he would not have a town hall as he was in Europe investigating Russian interference. You can draw your own conclusions about the Senator’s actions/motives.


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