Worried about everything? It’s only just begun

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greg-palastMany people chalk up the White House/Winter White House resident’s remarks about rampant election fraud to “alternative facts” or his monstrous wounded ego at having lost the popular vote or perhaps simply having a screw(s) loose.  However, there is a method to the madness and Greg Palast details that in his film and Facebook live broadcast this evening at 9:00 p.m.  It involves software called Crosscheck being used now in over 25 states to mark more than 7 million “suspects” as being illegally registered more than once and leading to the purging of mostly Democratic voters.   The apparent aim is to get this system into all states before the next election to guarantee the correct outcome for the current ruling party.

There is also mention of a Paul Singer being welcomed into this administration’s orbit, after backing Rubio for president and warning of a “global depression” if Trump became president.   A little googling for info found that Singer, a hedge fund manager, is known as the “vulture” and has made millions off the debt of foreign countries in trouble.  Is the vulture circling our country waiting for the kill now?  You may have trouble sleeping after viewing this but”forewarned is forearmed.”  This is a must see.

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