Russian mystery deepens

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trump-russiaThe leaked unsubstantiated dossier that detailed salacious stories of Trump’s penchant for “golden showers,” election tampering and nefarious business dealings were unsettling and disturbing but are now being confirmed, bit by bit, over time.   One of the most damning details in the file (page 30) were allegations that Trump operatives were in Russia attempting to make secret oil deals (the figure in the file was an offer of a 19% stake in the Rosneft oil company) in exchange for a Trump administration acquiescing to Putin’s demands of lifting sanctions, etc.  A reported recent sale of a 19.5% stake of Rosneft to a shadowy owner with links to the Cayman Islands seems strangely coincidental.   “Who is the real buyer of a 19.5 percent stake in Rosneft?” Sergey Aleksashenko, a former deputy head of Russia’s central bank, wrote in his blog recently.  Many of us would also like to know the answer to that question.

The latest revelations seem to be getting increasingly serious.  Over the last few weeks, a litany of mysterious connections and business dealings have been coming to light involving Trump and his associates, both foreign and domestic.  An excellent and thorough breakdown, but probably not the end of the story, of this administration’s history of foreign entanglements and shady dealings is in a recent Daily Kos piece.  The link is being updated as new information comes in and citations/links are listed with each bullet point.  It’s a depressing read but necessary to understand the full scope of scandal emanating from the White House/“Winter White House”.    Shakespeare would be in awe of the convoluted and tragic tale we now find ourselves in.

The constant drumbeat of late-breaking news items, nutty presidential tweets, recusals, firings, accusations, threats, leaks, and insane executive orders and appointments are breathtakingly bizarre, harmful and destabilizing.  The “shock and awe” theory of warfare promoted during the Iraq war seems to have been reconfigured for use on our civilian population by Washington insiders, perhaps with the aid of another country.  Congress seems to have dismissed our Constitution’s decree for the establishment of our common defense and protection of our justice system, peace, liberty and welfare. So far, Republicans have refused to launch an independent investigation into the ominous and mounting allegations.  As a prescribed check on unlawful and treasonous power, they are on the wrong side of this issue and history will not look kindly on their failure to do their duty and their complicity in putting our country at risk.

The question of Trump’s involvement with Russia is of such importance that we must demand an investigation by a select bipartisan panel of Congress.  If not done properly, doubts about Russian policy and the integrity of our national security system will persist as long as Trump is President.  Congress must fulfill their pledge to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The news is grim, but without a little laughter, the current chaos might prove overwhelming.  It’s time to dry your eyes and have a giggle at the Saturday Night Live take on the spineless rats in Congress.




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