A contest for climate justice? Yes!

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la-na-tt-marco-rubio-on-climate-20140514The budget coming from Washington, as well as the feverish actions in rolling back environmental rules and regulations, will have serious local, national and global implications if we do nothing.  Acting locally, we’d like to present our views to Sen. Marco Rubio that the issue of climate justice is a bipartisan issue that many groups support.  All sides of the political spectrum should accept that we need to protect and preserve our one and only earthly home. Sen. Rubio has not been cooperative with acknowledging this important issue and we’d like for him to hear from us.

Please download the petition to Sen. Rubio and have your friends, family, neighbors, schools, churches, social organizations, etc. sign it and possibly help gather signatures as well.  We’re aiming to have several thousand signatures by Earth Day, April 22nd.  If you could drop the signed petitions off at the CFL Grassroots Resource Center in Winter Park it would be much appreciated.  We plan on presenting them to Sen. Rubio’s office when we have several thousand.  Please contact here for office directions if you aren’t familiar with the Resource Center and to make sure the office is open prior to drop off.

If we could get 10+ signatures from all CFL Grassroots members, and other individuals and groups that may want to help out, it would get us up to several thousand signatures.  Did I mention there’s a prize for the person that gets the most signatures?  The lucky winner gets a bottle of wine, a selection of pollinator plants for your garden and the satisfied feeling that you’re contributing positively to climate justice and the health of our planet.  And we all win when we use our united actions to overcome this sadly out of sync administration.


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