The Fourth Estate, alt-facts and Russian hacks

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By Keith Simmons, USA TODAY

Also tying into the upcoming event and pertinent to the recently released information about Russian hacking of our election system, is a link to a piece in the CFL Grassroots Progressives website.   There’s a letter from the Supervisor of Elections in Seminole County stating that Russian hacking into our elections “didn’t work” and a rebuttal based on the recently leaked NSA document

The “fourth estate” is becoming an increasingly important resource for the protection of our democracy.  By forsaking alt-facts and publishing the truth, even if leaked by career civil servants, the legitimate media organizations are fighting against the extensive dysfunction and rampant rot within our three branches of  governmental “checks and balances.”  Sadly, these checks are now proving useless in protecting our country against “enemies foreign and domestic” but, thankfully, we still have a free press that is proving resilient in combating this corrupt administration.

Regarding the upcoming “Hacking Democracy” movie event, Daily Kos had a write up about the movie recently with a link to viewing the movie for free on-line.

Please view it on-line if you can’t attend or view it at home and come to the event later for the panel discussion to ask questions (around 3:00 p.m.)  If you can’t make it to the event, questions can be sent here or to email: or twitter account: @CenFLGrassroots and we’ll compile the questions/answers and publish the results from the panel.  We’d like to start a seriously overdue dialogue about the state of our electoral system and this could be a good start. 
Also, please sign up for email updates from CFL Grassroots Progressives as they continue to add to their site with useful information for resisting and winning.

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