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DINOs heading for extinction next election?

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DINOWith the on-going carnage being wrought within our democracy by the Trump/Koch cabal, we need intelligent and courageous leadership more than ever.  Sadly, it seems in short supply.  Our Members of Congress (MOC) from Florida are on record (or not) for supporting critical bills that will help get our country back on track.  Prime among them are Universal Healthcare and getting big money out of politics (repealing Citizens’ United).  Also important are bills for 100% renewable energy by 2050 and transparency in Trump’s tax returns.  He’s defiantly refused to release his tax returns and after the unveiling of the tax plan yesterday, it’s more important than ever that we see them.  We must be cognizant of the length and depth of his self-dealing and planned enrichment of himself and his cronies at the expense of the middle class and our democratic institutions.

Here’s a look at what we believe MOCs should be focusing on.  The four important bills before this congress (and what should be major planks in both parties’ platforms) with phone numbers to contact your MOC are listed in the link below.  You may want to thank them for supporting these important bills or ask them why they’re MIA on crucial matters like this.  Even though widely supported by both parties, some of our representatives have been MIA on all these issues.  We hope they’ll see the light and put the needs of the country ahead of any other consideration.

FL MOC important bills – Sheet1

An analysis of the troubles the Democratic party finds itself in is outlined in the report entitled “Autopsy–The Democratic Party in Crisis”.  Perhaps this report has some good ideas that the party should study and implement ASAP, especially after the latest news from Donna Brazile’s book about the secret granting of DNC control to Clinton before the elections.  It’s well past time the party got beyond blaming, name-calling, divisiveness, subterfuge and listening to a small cadre of donors.


Medicare for all (H.R. 676) only solution

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The movie shown last week, “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point,” is a wake up call to those who still believe we have the “best health care system in the world.”  It showed clearly how little we’re getting for our money with a for-profit health care system run by myriad insurance companies.  Our costs are twice as much as countries with universal health care and our health benefits and longevity are poor compared to them.  It’s an unsustainable model and should have been scrapped many years ago.  We have a chance now and it’s urgent we do so for our health as well as the health of our economy.

Six Florida Democrats have signed onto the bill with a total of 115 sponsors so far.   Five Florida Democrats have not supported the bill, H.R. 676, including Rep. Stephanie Murphy,  Rep. Val DemingsRep. Charlie CristRep. Lois Frankel, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Rep. Murphy has indicated concern over our country’s debt by sponsoring a balanced budget amendment.  Her reluctance to sign onto H.R. 676 is puzzling as various reports indicate that it would go a long way in helping to reduce the debt.

Illustrative of why some of our legislators refuse to get on board with this overdue and common sense legislation, is a piece about Dick Gephardt, former Democratic minority House leader and super delegate.  It shows clearly and revoltingly how Democrats, like Republicans, remain firmly in the pockets of the insurance industry.  It’s really quite remarkable to hear him yuck it up with insurance executives about the Democrats’ willingness to side with Republicans to deny average Americans the affordable coverage universal health care would provide them.  “We have met the enemy and he is us.”   We need to make sure our leaders in Washington know which side they should be on in this pivotal time in history.

If you didn’t make it to the event last night, you can view the movie on-line here.