How artists are speaking out

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art-trumpEveryone must do their part to address institutionalized hate, bigotry and greed.  Huffington Post had a good piece about artists stepping up to be heard (some good ideas for signs for the march!)

Bill Moyers–independent commission to investigate Russian influence needed ASAP

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This piece by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship should be required reading.  He cites the terrible dangers to our country and allies if Russian influence is not investigated thoroughly with an independent commission.  According to the writers, “before Friday’s inauguration, there is still time for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor. Fordham legal historian Jed Shugerman notes, “A special prosecutor’s term does not end with an administration. It is open-ended, so the special prosecutor would continue to serve during the Trump administration… unless the new Attorney General fired him or her, [but] only for ‘good cause.’”

“While there have been plans announced for Senate and House hearings into this constitutional crisis, these easily can be stalled and manipulated for partisan purposes. Given the Republican Party’s hardcore will to power and that it will soon exercise monopoly control over all three branches of government — not to mention their track record over the past eight years — it is hard to identify which GOP members of Congress are likely to put country ahead of party and let an investigation go where the facts lead. In addition, with some notable exceptions, the minority Democratic Party appears dispirited and disorganized, if not feckless, and unable to thwart Republicans determined to bulldoze a serious investigation.”

We need to encourage our elected officials to get behind this idea before the inauguration and a Trump administration attempts to deep-six the search for truth.  Our country is in serious trouble otherwise.   Write to President Obama here.

Women’s March

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women-marchThe Women’s March in Washington will be this Saturday, January 21st.  There are about 616 “sister” marches in all parts of the U.S.  In Orlando, the march will be as follows:

Women’s Rally – Central Florida

Start: January 21, 2017 1:00 PM

Lake Eola Amphitheater 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Hope you can come.  Bring a sign and a friend.

And let us talk about silliness (sigh).  Please read the following letter to the “Orlando Sentinel” today.  This is why we need to write as many letters to the paper as possible.  Perhaps in a wave of them, one on a saner note might make it into print.  It’s very hard to get published as the “Orlando Sentinel” seems to favor certain individuals as they are published over and over again.  Case in point:

First Meeting tonight

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Rosie, our mascot and greeter at the meeting

20170115_221410Organized by, a group from diverse backgrounds but holding common views, had their first meeting tonight at Jocelyn’s house.  It was a lively event focused on trying to formulate game plans and strategies to counter looming negative actions that are imminent from the new administration in Washington.  It was heartening to hear so many committed and patriotic individuals willing to pledge precious time and resources to support those programs and politicians that have been so important and beneficial to our society as a whole.

Breaking into four groups, we discussed the most important issues facing us going forward and what we would need in the way of resources to address them. Thoughtful strategies from the Indivisible guide, which has been inspiring hundreds of start-up groups across the country, were noted.  Discussions also revolved around getting sympathetic groups involved to work on a multi-pronged approach, perhaps in a shared local office.   There is a lot of work to be done and we’ll need others to step up.  We can do this!