EPA declares chemical warfare on America

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chem warfareIf you thought Roundup was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Chemical warfare on our environment has just been upped in Florida and 34 states now with the EPA’s, as well as the state of Florida’s, approval of Enlist Duo, a cocktail of Roundup and 2,4-D (a component of Agent Orange from the days of the Vietnam War).

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that by 2020, the use of 2,4-D on America’s farms could rise between 100 percent and 600 percent now that it has been approved as part of Enlist Duo”. According to experts, “When you combine increased use with the potential for increased developmental, cancer, and other health impacts, you could create a perfect storm of hazard and exposure coming together.”

The NRDC and other environmental groups are fighting the illegal approval of this dangerous mix of chemicals.  We need to get on board as well and fight the use of this poison locally and nationally.

Mark your calendar!

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forgotten coast jpegMingle with friends and associates who share your concerns about the harmful changes being implemented, both locally and nationally, to environmental standards and regulations.  Let’s see what others are doing to promote positive change and discuss our role within this expanding movement.   Information is contained in the flyer above.  Please plan on attending (RSVP to CFLGrassrootsProgressives@gmail.com) and invite all your friends, family and acquaintances.   See you there!

Facebook Activists (Thank you, Scott!)

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Where would we be without the indefatigable Twitter and Facebook activists like Scott? Saving the world while watching TV and eating chips, even hard at the battle while sitting on the toilet, we salute the many armchair warriors who are making such a valuable difference in our society.  Thank you SNL for bringing these heroes to our attention. (Snicker)



Great Day for the Earth

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wp earth dayLast Sunday was picture perfect!  The Earth Day in the Park event in Winter Park was a good warm-up to the huge event expected on April 22nd at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  We shared a tent with Central Florida Sierra Club and had a steady flow of people interested in signing our petition to Sen. Rubio and learning about the excellent work The Center for Biological Diversity is doing.  Thanks to all that came out to support the event and special thanks to Stu and Jan Omans for all their help in the petition drive. The raffle for the beautiful pollinator planter, donated by Lukas’ Butterfly Encounter, was won by Channing, who picked it up yesterday at the CFL Grassroots Progressives Office in Winter Park.

Onward and upward!  The next event on the 22nd still requires volunteers to “man” the tables at Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity.  Please contact here if you can help.

plant prize
Channing (Left), winner of pollinator planter, and Marie Ciaravino, Director of CFL Grassroots Progressives Resource Center in Winter Park

Don’t forget tomorrow!

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reminderFrom their Issues and Actions series, tomorrow’s event at the 1st Unitarian Church of Orlando at 1901 E. Robinson, downtown Orlando, will be about environmental issues.  It will be a good opportunity to mingle and nosh with like-minded earth-loving activists and learn how you can be a part of the solution to climate change.  Here’s a link to the Facebook post about it:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1656201901088776/

Stealthy Sabotage of Science in Schools

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A sin to encourage kids to learn about sustainability and political activism?

The page from this textbook has caused outrage among some folks and is being used as an example of why S.B. 1210/H.B.989 must pass the Florida legislature this year.  It passed through the Education Committee on a 16-2 vote without debate and public comment.    The promoters of the bill “want some form of creationism taught alongside evolution. They want references to human-caused climate change erased”, an idea which many lawmakers have deemed harmless and benign. Credo has a petition to sign, but you should also call your lawmakers and tell them “Hell No!” on these bills.  Florida Citizen’s for Science has information and talking points to help in your calls.  Here’s a link to where your representatives can be reached: http://myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Representatives/myrepresentative.aspx

Earth Day in the Park this Sunday

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Earth DayHope you can come out to the Earth Day in the Park event this Sunday on Park Avenue in Winter Park.    CFL Grassroots Progressives Environmental Team will be hosting a table with Central Florida Sierra Club and The Center for Biological Diversity.  There will be a raffle for some fun things, including a large and beautiful butterfly planter donated by Lukas Nursery’s Butterfly Encounter in Oviedo.  All proceeds will benefit environmental non-profits working to resist Trump’s harmful agenda.

Besides various environmental groups providing information, there will be a kid’s zone with art and play activities, yoga in the park, free composters and trees, electric car show, good music, food and drinks.   Hope you can come out and support this important, and fun, event as well as the Earth Day event on April 22nd at Lake Eola.